“Hunting the Hound of Cold Hollow” short film, now available online

August, 20 2018

"Hunting the Hound of Cold Hollow", a short documentary on the preliminary investigation into the legendary werewolves of the Cold Hollow border region of Vermont and Quebec, is now available online. To view the movie in its entirety completely for free, go to YouTube and search "Hunting the Hound of Cold Hollow" or follow the link below, and please leave feedback in the comments and [...]

Playboy publishes article on Vermont werewolf legend

October, 31 2015

Reposted from Playboy.com. Werewolves Are Definitely Not Real ... Right? By J.D. Thompson October 30, 2015 In 1994, Jack Nicholson played the character Will Randall, a Manhattan book editor who was attacked by a wolf in rural Vermont, causing him to later become a werewolf. As much as we may love Nicholson (and his Wolf costar Michelle Pfeiffer), the only thing truly [...]

Interview with New England folklorist and historian, Joe A. Citro

October, 08 2015

J.D. Thompson interviews Joseph A. Citro on the subject of Monsters October 8, 2015 JDT: How long have you been researching "monsters" in Vermont? JOE CITRO: Pretty much all my life. In the 80s and 90s I wrote five novels involving monsters in Vermont. They were heavily research dependent. But I didn’t get formal and organized about monster collecting till 1992 when I started [...]

Two Hikers Report a Werewolf Sighting in the Green Mountain National Park

August, 15 2015

August, 2015. In an episode from his Strange Encounters series, Rusty West discusses werewolves in Vermont and explores a werewolf sighting reported by a 24 year-old woman when she and a friend were hiking in the Green Mountains National Park. The story in its entirety is available through youtube [...]

Hunter Reports Encounter with “Dogman” in Vermont

April, 19 2015

April, 2015. A Vermont man preparing for a hunting outing claims to have encountered a "Dogman" (werewolf) while setting up a hunting blind in the woods. For the full story go [...]