In spring 2015, writer JD Thompson began working on an article intended to provide readers with a general overview of his research regarding a werewolf legend from a remote region near the Vermont border with Canada.  He dubbed the legendary werewolf The Hound of Cold Hollow after the mountain range the monster is said to inhabit. Although the presence of a reporter was unwelcome by some in the area, Thompson remained undeterred. His first report on Vermont’s werewolf legends were published by Playboy in an article titled “Werewolves Are Definitely Not Real…Right?” (A title he points out was chosen by his editor.)

In the midst of his research, Thompson also discovered a rare book containing intriguing hand-written notes as well as clippings from old newspapers referring to the werewolf. Thompson purchased the antique book at a local junk store for just $1 along with a box of valuable antique books said to have been retrieved from an old barn. Thompson considered this material to be vital to his research and investigation into the local werewolf phenomenon. Unfortunately, the book went missing sometime after the owner of the junk store illegally entered Thompson’s Cold Hollow residence late one Sunday evening in June, 2015. The ensuing scandal and legal controversy, however, did not deter the journalist from continuing his work. Fortunately, Thompson had already begun transcribing the fragile book, making notes from its brittle pages before it disappeared from his residence. (Thompson promises to publish a volume containing the available, but sadly incomplete, transcriptions of the text in the near future.)

Following the October 30, 2015 publication of Thompson’s werewolf article in Playboy article, he was contacted by other people throughout the area who offered to come forward to tell their stories of alleged werewolf encounters. Thompson began conducting  interviews and deep historical research, piecing together anecdotes and descriptions from witnesses and records with the intention of creating a feature documentary on the legend of a monster he calls The Hound of Cold Hollow. Thompson has since completed a short documentary of his journey while working on a feature-length motion picture on the subject as well as several research articles, reprints of important documents and artifacts within the public domain on werewolf lore, and a forthcoming original novel appropriately titled The Hound of Cold Hollow.